After the Tea Party – General Strike?


Atlas shrugs for a day, or half a day?

At the Lansing, MI tea party I saw thousands of solid middle class citizens, mostly in their 40s, 50s, 60s.

People who have worked all their lives, followed the rules, tried to build a nest egg. These truly are the Atlases who carry America’s economy.

What if they all took a powder for a day?

What if every small business closed for a day?

Maybe even just an hour. “Shrug-Out” on July 14?


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2 Responses to “After the Tea Party – General Strike?”

  1. jmchugh4u Says:

    Further thoughts: Most big businesses would not participate due to fear of (quiet, indirect) government reprisals, and reasonable reluctance to alienate lefty customers (whose money is still green).

    Response: Establish a three-hour period on the strike day to picket Wal-Mart, Kroger, all big retailers. Do it very politely. Ask people entering the store to come back in a few hours, and explain why. Don’t dis the stores for not joining the strike.

  2. jmchugh4u Says:

    Another thought:

    This would represent a major escalation in the level of activism requested of thost 500,000 middle-aged, middle-class Americans who attended Tea Parties, almost all of whom were asking each other, “What next? What do we do now?”

    Too much for most of them?

    Picketing stores almost certainly so, but there could be many other events at the same time.

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