Will the Tea Party movement fizzle after April 15?


The Tea Party movement appears to be tapping into some real grass energy, fueled by broadly-felt fiscal angst. For many, angst has been transformed into rage by an aggravated attack of fiscal extremism in Washington, coming on top of eight years of chronic fiscal abuse.


Note that both parties are co-conspirators in that public indictment. This confuses many Tea Party protestors, who are conditioned to view one party as the antidote to the other. Their habit is to rally around the antidote party, but what’s the point if it just serves up a different dose of the same poison when it’s in power?


The Tea Party Movement’s proper target is an inbred, self-serving, self-perpetuating and bipartisan political class that has supplanted true representative government in this country.




The unlikely spark that lit the movement’s fuse was a spontaneous daytime television rant by a little-known business journalist. Unless that had tapped into something significant and real in the public psyche, its most likely outcome would have been – nothing.


Instead, a grassroots protest movement was launched that appears to be gaining strength. It’s doing so with no leader and no central organization. Instead, all over the country, dispersed and independent networks of concerned citizens are creating Hayekian “spontaneous order.”


As I said in my previous post, now that the movement has arrived politicians will try to take control and use it for their own purposes. That would be the end of the Tea Party movement, because there’s an inherent contradiction between a protest against the political class being led by members of the political class.


Others too would like to claim ownership of the movement, and some say that without some kind of central organization it will peter out. Maybe – and maybe not. Perhaps the best thing would be for 1,000 flowers to continue to bloom – different forms of organized or spontaneous activism inspired by the Tea Party spirit.




11 Responses to “Will the Tea Party movement fizzle after April 15?”

  1. Seth Says:

    I like this article. I agree that politicians on the “right” will see this as an opportunity to get some votes in their pocket (pitiful). However, I agree with this movement because I am indeed against massive government spending (didn’t agree with Bush’s spending, definitely don’t agree with Obama’s spending), and the several programs that serve little purpose. The iron triangle in Washington is no longer “serving” the people. It is serving itself more and more everyday.

    The reason I have a problem with this is it is starting to control my life more than I ever thought I’d be controlled by “my” government. Example: There is a regulation (from the EPA) that requires farmers to PAY a FEE for “farm dust”(dust from harvesting/planting that gets blown around).

    What’s next????? Will I be taxed for my skin because my dead skin cells are blowing around and contributing to global warming?

    I digress.

    Good article Jack.

  2. Tax Day Tea Party » The self-perpetuating, bi-partisan political class Says:

    […] The Tea Party Movement’s proper target is an inbred, self-serving, self-perpetuating and bipartisa… If you enjoyed the article, why not subscribe? Posted to » UncategorizedShare and Save […]

  3. Craig Says:

    I agree however it is not just the Washington iron triangle that is not serving the people. The State and County governments are ruling over us as well. A small business owner cannot even buy a new computer without paying both sales tax and personal property tax. Try not paying the personal property tax and they will sieze your business. My business was seized by the county for being 120 days late on a $2000.00 personal property tax bill. No phone call or warning was given either. When average citizens are triple taxed by their county, state, and federal governments during a period of economic slow down, while goverment contiues to tax and spend, it is damn time for a TEA PARTY AND MORE!

  4. Marie Says:

    This past weekend, I was in Washington, DC to visit the Smithsonian with my family. As we were walking from the hotel to the museum, I looked up and saw an American Bald Eagle soaring over our heads right there in the middle of the city. It flew as if it was intently watching us, although I suspect it was just searching the ground for food. The sight of this incredibly noble and strong bird, that would normally fill me with joy, instead filled me with an intense sadness. It was as if I was seeing the last signs of our great Republic–as if that eagle was the echo of a fading dream. I didn’t even want to take my son to see the White House and Capital Building because I am ashamed of what the president and legislators have been doing to destroy this great country.

    I will be attending a tea party on Wednesday. But beyond simply exercising my right to speak out against what is happening, I will be hoping that the tea party will fill me with hope and energy–hope that we can retrieve what that beautiful eagle once meant to this country and the energy to become politically active in a way I have never been before. I want my country back.

  5. Matthew Says:

    To the blogger that indicated we are inbred, self-serving, etc.
    You, Sir, are what is wrong with this Country. For some strange reason morons from North Carolina now strive to dicate public opinion. Writing whatever ignorance you choose, because, heck it is a blog and I can write whatever I want.
    The Founding Fathers saw people with few teeth attempting to take over this Country over 200 years ago. The inbred and self-serving will take it back. Of that there is little question. This will not fizzle out and parasites like you will be living in refrigerator boxes, as well you should be. Practice the phrase “Brother can you spare a dime” or “Would you like to supersize that”. It will be good for you in the long run.
    Those of us who produce everyday are tired of the ones that do not. Atlas is shrugging.

  6. David Hines Says:

    Lets keep it simple stupid (not you Jack). Like a bowling ball with a million mile lane. After April 15 we start preparing for July 4th fun
    with more tea bags. It has consumed me and I love it. Those Obama folks thought they got away with something big but they haven’t seen
    April 15, 2009 yet!

    Good job Jack (and everyone else)

  7. Michael Kuras Says:

    Jack is correct. The problem is not a faction of the political class – it IS the political class.

    A widely held belief is that the Tea Parties are protesting the burgeoning debt and deficit spending. True enough. But the debt and deficit are symptoms more than causes. Behind these symptoms is a cause – the growing size of the government. And behind that lies a growing and self interested political class. And behind that lies an even deeper cause -the failure of the general population to take a PERSONAL and sustained ownership in their government. The general population has been irresponsible and lazy – preferring to leave to a self interested political class the task of setting direction for the government.

    The problem has grown to stupendous proportions now. IF there is going to be radical reform, a revolution is needed. What has been accumulated incrementally cannot be undone incrementally.

    So the real theme of the Tea Parties must still emerge. It must be to OVERTHOW the ELECTED ARISTOCRACY.

  8. Craig Says:

    I agree with Michael. The problem is that the folks attending the Tea Parties do not have a common leader with common goals. All attending want smaller government, less taxation, and much less government waiste and spending. However without a strong leader and a common sense plan we will not be able to bring about the downfall of the current government in Washington. If we wait years to vote for better leaders it will be too late. I suggest we find a common leader, unite together, and take back Washington in a legal non-violent way. Hopefully, the tea parties will lead us to solidarity!

  9. jmchugh4u Says:

    The tea parties do have a common goal – see my latest post.

    The Tea Party protest has become a broad-based “big tent” because it is focused on a few simple things:

    The complaint is chronic fiscal irresponsibility, now become acute fiscal extremism.

    The target is an inbred, self-serving, self-perpetuating and bipartisan political class that no longer represents the will of the people.

    The goal is to send that political class packing and restore genuine representative government, with whatever policy implications that entails.

    more – https://jackmchughblog.wordpress.com/2009/04/14/what-unifies-tea-parties-complaint-target-goal/

  10. Dave Says:

    I agree with Craig that grassroots movements eventually need to have a “strong leader and a common sense plan.” That does not, however, diminish what the Tea Party is about at this time. Right now it’s about waking up the portion of the freedom-loving populous that’s still hitting the snooze button and dreaming the Democrat Party’s dream of “hope” and “change.” Remember, the Tea Party movement is not new and the American Revolution’s fight for freedom is never completely won. Libertarianism and limited government, as defined by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, is the American way of life. Unfortunately, liberty has a short life span because “free” people tend to become complacent and allow members of the command-and-control political class to run government, and consequently peoples’ lives. That’s why the Tea Party movement will eventually need to pick a party and insist that it defend the original intent of the Constitution, which leaves individuals free to pursue happiness in a free market economy. I agree that the Republican Party has gone astray ever since Ronald Reagan left office. Nonetheless, when a new coalition of freedom fighters arises, they will still need to take a stand on a political platform. And the Republican platform will most likely be the best platform to rebuild and stand on.

  11. Arjun Kanuri Says:

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