The 100 MPG Car


It’s not hard to build a petrol-powered car that seats four (if they aren’t very big) and gets 100 miles per gallon. It would be very small and streamlined, weigh less than 1,000 lbs., have a high-tech gas or diesel motor of around 150 CCs or less, use expensive carbon-fiber extensively, use high-tech motorcycle components, etc.


A car like this could probably do 60 mph (lightly loaded, on the flat, with no headwind), and wouldn’t be too outrageously uncomfortable. You could cross the country in it. It would the doggiest of dogs in acceleration, but hey – it gets 100 mpg.


Here’s what it would not be capable of doing: Meeting any current government crash or safety standards, or sharing the road with semi-trucks going 60 mph. You would want to be really, really careful driving it across the Mackinac Bridge on a windy night. Really careful.


Just sayin’.


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