Oops! Holland Eco-Devo Agency Promotes Florida, Ohio, Maryland


Oh that pesky internet thingie! Doggone it! Our government central planning bureaucracies have politicians to schmooze and winners & losers to pick – who has time for all that online techie stuff?

Oops – The “Economic Development” page of the embarrassingly amateurish “Holland Economic Development Corporation” (“Hedcor”) website uses those little pay-per click ads to, like, you know, make it look like one of those fancy professional websites put up by, like, real companies.

Only problem, in this instance the algorithms that automatically place those ads are too clever by half.

Result? The Holland province of Michigan’s ever-growing government central planning Eco-Devo empire features ads for economic development in Florida, Ohio, Maryland, and over time perhaps others.

Because, while Michigan is a leader in abandoning the economic principles of Adam Smith and returning to comfortable old royalist Mercantilism, it’s hardly the only state to do so.

Of course none of it works to grow a state’s economy, but it does provide lots of jobs for busy bureaucrats, plus more power for politicians, who all get to pick which politically well-connected enterprises will benefit from discriminatory tax breaks, subsidies, abatements, credits, etc.

BTW, what brought this to my attention is the first bill introduced by Holland’s new freshman state representative, which would send a little state taxpayer loot to another arm of the area’s Eco-Devo establishment, an entity called “Lakeshore Advantage.” This representative’s predecessor was the godfather of the “21st Century Jobs Fund” program, which transfers wealth from future taxpayers to provide subsidies today for particular businesses selected by Eco-Devo bureaucrats. There must be something in the water over in Tulip Town . . .


2 Responses to “Oops! Holland Eco-Devo Agency Promotes Florida, Ohio, Maryland”

  1. Bob Carr Says:

    Thanks Jack for provoking my thoughts this Sunday morning.

    In your Wikipedia link I learned some more of which still remains vague to me. One quote from Wikipedia I found relevant to today’s financial mess.

    “Mercantilists fundamentally misunderstood this, long arguing that an increase in the money supply simply meant that everyone gets richer.[22]” This administration’s economic policy in that light could definitely be called Mecantilistic.

    Trade is what we’re talking about here isn’t it? Trade starts with barter among individuals and keeps progressing up the ladder as society forms and gets bigger. Village with village, state with state, nation with nation, Europe with the Americas and Asia. Then the ultimate, One world government trading among the various self created units of itself. All the terms and schools of economic thought seem to be based upon the relativity of which units they are talking about. Kind of reminded me of the Holland thingie.

    I often when dealing with government bureaucracies that I get a sense from as you point out their amateur use of the Internet that they are trying to mimic capitalistic ways to try to justify their exixtence. Like saying see we can do it too. The only thing is they have that luxury to play free enterprise because they don’t need to keep score. Like a football team playing without keeping score. Oh what larks they have.

    On our dime.

    Seems as if the ultimate trading units are being developed in recent times. Seems to me also that the limit of ever increasing markets is being reached. Seems like the entire system of banking and wealth production based solely upon the trading and use of money in and of itself is unsustainable and if you will a Ponzi like scheme.

    In all the philosophizing the point is that as the trading partners get bigger the share that is taken out to fund the partners is enlarged when possible. The middle man’s cut gets bigger. In the case of the ultimate unit the middle man is the gov. and also the buyer of the services and goods of the public, their cut becomes ever increasingly larger and ever harder to disguise. The creators of the wealth to be traded (the population) has ceded their leverage, their freedom, their only real currency; for the greater good.

    Please forgive an amateur armchair philosopher

    Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

  2. jmchugh4u Says:

    Bob Carr is a good economist per Milton Friedman’s definition*, and a perceptive commentator on government folly.

    I think you overstate the pernicious effect of “middlemen traders” in our modern economy. Actually, transaction costs have declined rapidly in recent decades. To the extent what you describe contributed to recent events, I would say it was the outcome of government policies establishing a panoply of perverse incentives.

    Here’s an analogy: Energy traders got blamed for the California electricity meltdown of a few years ago, but those traders were merely exploiting the bizarre incentives created by stupid, unprincipled politicans ib their electricity re-regulation package (laughably mis-labeled, “de-regulation”). So whose fault was that?


    *”I have found, over a long time, that some people are natural economists. They don’t take a course, but they understand–the principles seem obvious to them. Other people may have Ph.D.s in economics, but they’re not economists. They don’t think like an economist. Strange, but true.”


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