The truth about Che – he was an incompetent moron


A rollicking good-fun read that paints a very different (and probably much more realistic) picture of Che is W.E.B. Griffin’s novel, “Special Ops,” part of the “Brotherhood of War” series that launched his bestselling career. The blurb on Griffin’s website describes it thus:

“In November 1964, Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara went to the Congo with two hundred men, intent on making it his first step in taking over Africa and South America. He failed, thanks in large part to the efforts of an intrepid band of Green Berets. Licking his wounds, he retreated to Cuba to recruit more men and try the same thing in Bolivia. He failed there, too. In fact, he died there, and thus, despite his incompetence, became a glorious martyr to the cause. But who was trying to kill him, really—and who was trying to keep him alive? The brotherhood is back—Craig Lowell, Sandy Felter, Jack Portet, Geoff Craig, Robert Bellmon, George Washington “Father” Lunsford, Master Sergeant Doubting Thomas—and their mission has never been more dramatic and deadly…”

Bottom line conclusion from a knowledgeable author who has all kinds of connections to the military establishment, and thus probably presents a well-informed view: Che was an incompetent moron, a dufus who accomplished nothing more than getting most of the dupes who joined him killed. IOW, the whole mystique was a product of Cuban and Soviet disinformazia, and those giving it new life with this film are both dupes and useful idiots.


One Response to “The truth about Che – he was an incompetent moron”

  1. Patrick Wright Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I had read that entire series and could not remember the name of the author.

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