Time to hit refresh on Lou Rukeyser –


With a few minor amendments, here are those immortal words of wisdom from the great Louis Rukeyser on the occasion of the 1987 stock market crash:


“Let’s start with what’s really important tonight: It’s just your money (and political preferences), not your life. Everyone who really loved you a week ago still loves you tonight, and that’s a heckuva lot more important than the numbers on a brokerage statement (or an election return). The robins will still sing, crocuses will bloom, babies will gurgle, and puppies will curl up in your lap and drift happily to sleep, even when the stock market (electorate) goes temporarily insane.


“And now that that’s all properly in perspective, let me say, Ouch! and Eek! and Medic!”



One Response to “Time to hit refresh on Lou Rukeyser –”

  1. wctaxpayer Says:

    Yah! Me too.

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