Democracy: A Vision of a Self-Chosen Life


Democracy (beyond the narrow definition of ‘majority rule’) is a vision of broad commitments to personal liberty and individual responsibility; popular sovereignty and political equality; faith in the role of the individual and of reason in human affairs; and an emphasis on procedural reliability and stability, the rule of law, and regulation of authority.


 It is a vision of a self-chosen life.


Distilled from The Logic of Appropriateness and other writings by James G. March & Johan P. Olsen  

In this country, voting is an act of faith in our civic creed. It’s one of a suite of democratic habits that do not come naturally, but must be taught and learned. Other necessary habits include not blowing away political adversaries with a AK 47, not using the power of the state to silence or squelch their speech and organizing, and not instigating a coup when the results of an election go against your side. None of these habits should be taken for granted; they were hard-won and can be fragile.


They are also precious – just look at places in the world where they haven’t taken root.


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