Law Enforcement Manipulates Election With Phony “Skinhead Assassination Plot”



(Cross-posted from Students for a Free Economy)


I’m not the first to note that while media bias in nothing new, the willingness of the entire media establishment to throw journalistic standards to the wind as part of a concerted campaign to elect their preferred candidate is unprecedented (an insightful examination from an insider here). Now there’s an ominous new element, which is an apparent effort by politicized federal law enforcement agencies to also manipulate the election’s outcome.


Today’s front page “news story” about a “plot” by mentally-suspect “skinheads” to assassinate Obama and behead scores of black people is not the first example of government power being abused to bring about an electoral outcome that will further empower the state (see Maggie Thurber’s report on Ohio state databases being illegally accessed to obtain information on “Joe the Plumber”) or even the most serious in its effect (that would be the Justice Department’s failure to investigate a national vote fraud conspiracy), but it’s perhaps the most stark in demonstrating just how far this shadow-campaign is willing to go.


This faux-event is the lead story in many newspapers today, and only the very last paragraph  cues savvy readers that it’s a sham, perpetrated a week before the election in what appears to be a transparent effort by the ATF and the MSM to further manipulate public sentiment and guarantee the outcome they want:


“At this point there does not appear to be any formal assassination plan Secret Service spokesman Eric Zahren said. ‘Whether or not they had the capability or the wherewithal to carry out an attack remains to be seen,’ he said.”


So what’s the basis of the story? An ATF agent filed an affidavit in federal court stating that two alienated nut-jobs who had been arrested by county sheriff deputies for possession of a sawed-off shotgun also talked over the Internet about doing very bad things. That’s it – that’s all there is to this “breaking news.” 


No plan, no capability, no wherewithal. My friends, that is NOT a “conspiracy” or news story – but not one person in 100 realizes that they’ve been manipulated.


What’s next – IRS audits targeted against Joe the Plumber? (Don’t be surprised . . .)


Here’s what scares me: Not just bad public policy – we’ve had that before and eventually came back – but the thought that a tipping point may be approaching in which the forces aligned against true representative government in this country have become too bold and powerful to overcome.


Update: “State government caught assisting Obama. An official with the Michigan Department of Corrections offered to make available to the Barack Obama Presidential campaign, unsolicited, lists of convicted criminals eligible for parole, along with scheduled release dates and contact information.” – Right Michigan 



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