Will Green Religionists Turn Out Your Lights?



So I am one of the huddled masses in Mid-Michigan with no electricity after big t-storms rolled through Saturday night. In my neighborhood the power outage is spotty – the neighbors on one side of me don’t have power, and those on the other side do.


That’s handy for me – the family with power has graciously allowed me to run a 50-foot extension cord to an outlet in his house. [grin] Now sure and it’s inconvenient having to “ration” just one outlet on one circuit between running the air-conditioner and the fridge, plus one light bulb and this little computer, but here’s an interesting fact: The difference between one plug and zero plugs is infinitely greater between one and a whole houseful of plugs.


About 10 years ago a November ice-storm knocked out power for more than a week. Living without heat was inconvenient and unpleasant, but what was really depressing was having no electric light during that season of short days. I had flashlights and smelly kerosene lamps but it was pretty grim, and brought home to me what a wonderful thing is this simple little invention of Mr. Edison, plus the massive (and fragile) infrastructure built up to support it.


Here’s why I mention all this: Today our civilization is besieged by radical environmentalists who don’t like that electricity infrastructure, or the industrial civilization that supports it. They have successfully inculcated misplaced “green guilt” in a western bourgeoisie that takes for granted the comforts, conveniences and broadened horizons that industrial civilization gives us. They have misled millions who don’t think deeply about these matters into believing that we can simultaneously do away with the magnitudes of concentrated energy this way of living requires, yet still enjoy those same comforts, conveniences and broadened horizons.


We can’t. Even under the most optimistic scenarios all the windmills, solar collectors and “biofuels” in the world can never produce the magnitudes of concentrated energy needed to sustain our way of life.


Will our children and grandchildren suffer a massive decline in standard of living because misguided masses led by cynical, exploitative and demagogic elites throw it all away? With nuke plants – and for the next several decades coal plants too – we can create the sustainable all-electric economy described by Peter Huber, even when oil is depleted to the point of making it not cost-effective to burn compared to those sources. Will we, or will we allow green religionists to turn out the lights?


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