Sierra Club: Replace Coal (and Nukes) with Pixie Dust!


In a Lansing State Journal column about a proposed new coal power plant, Michigan Sierra Club director Anne Woiwode demonstrates the disingenuousness of environmental extremists. The piece consists of nothing but a slashing attack on “big coal” and on the utility that serves Lansing for being “the leading polluter in Ingham County.” (It probably is, given that, among other factors, Michigan’s out-of-control environmental regulators have contributed to General Motors’ recent closing of major auto assembly plants in the county.)


Ms. Woiwode smashes and bashes the very idea of coal-fired generators, but a reader seeking her recommendations for how we should generate electricity won’t find any. The closest she comes is to say, “Let’s invest in clean, renewable energy and look to the future . . .”


That’s it? “Clean, renewable energy?” Well, who could possibly be against that? But what specifically is this miraculous energy source? Nuclear? Oh no, Ms. Woiwode and the Sierra Club will almost literally fight to the death to prevent the construction of another nuclear power plant in this nation.


I know – pixie dust! Pixie dust can supply the magnitudes of energy that an industrial civilization needs to provide our population with the comforts, conveniences and broadened horizons that we’ve come to take for granted. And pixie dust is at least as credible an alternative for coal and nuclear power as solar cells, windmills, starvation-inducing “biofuels” or any of the other magic sources that the enviros and the politicians pretend can meet the demand.


Here’s the dirty little secret about environmental extremists: They don’t like industrial civilization, and they know full well that so-called “alternative” energy sources cannot supply even a quarter of the energy our society uses. They know that depending solely on these would mean the end of industrial civiliation as we know it. Yet the massive improvements in human well-being this new way of living has brought us over the past two centuries is worth less to them that imposing a mystical vision of a “natural” environment little changed from the age of the mastodon and sabre-tooth tiger.


They won’t admit any of this because they know their political power would evaporate if ordinary people realized the truth, so instead they cynically pretend that the equivalent of pixie dust can provide the magnitudes of energy that our civilization requires. It can’t, not without the entire population undergoing a monstrous decline in our standard of living and a complete overhaul of our way of life.




P.S. The proposed Lansing coal plant is indirectly part of a different scam, the campaign to roll back Michigan’s electric competition law, but that’s another story.


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2 Responses to “Sierra Club: Replace Coal (and Nukes) with Pixie Dust!”

  1. Rougman Says:

    For all the education these people claim to have, it is remarkable what little grasp of the sciences they truly do possess. It is as if screaming “clean fuel” loud enough will somehow force all the laws of physics and chemistry to stand down while making an exception for our energy needs.

    Also, when they do come up with their pixie dust, how can we be certain it won’t be just as toxic to the polar bears as my bonfire?

  2. jmchugh4u Says:

    My view is that there are two groups here. One is the people you describe, and the other, more dangerous one is the “deep ecologists” who understand perfectly well that industrial civilization cannot coexist with their energy source preferences. For them the real goal is to end industrial civ and send us back to the farms, if not back to the caves. To save the Earth, you see, and mankind be damned.

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