Cap-and-trade violates first rule of politics: Don’t p*** off middle class


Hmmm – as chronicled in preceding posts here, voices left, right and center are bashing the heck out of the misbegotten carbon cap-and-trade scam being debated by the U.S. Senate this week (I missed one – the Wall Street Journal laid into it yesterday).


Sounds like a re-run of the farm bill, right? Outside of semi-corrupt congress-critters and rent-seeking special interests, everyone in the real world opposes this dishonest tax hike and expansion of big government, so that means it’s a sure bet to pass, right?


Not necessarily. There’s a big difference between the two measures. The farm bill hurts everyone in our society a little (dispersed costs), but not enough to make the general public upset. In contrast, the cap-and-trade scam violates what Cato Institute economist Peter Van Doren calls the first rule of American politics: Don’t p*** off the middle class. Carbon cap-and-trade is almost certain to p*** off the middle class when it makes filling their tanks, heating their homes and turning on their lights significantly more expensive, or causes blackouts and fuel shortages. (What’s worse than expensive gas? No gas.)   


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