McHugh snaps over eco-alarmism!


A few days ago MuskegonPundit posted a link to yet another in an endless series of “we’re all gonna die!” eco-alarmism stories, this one posted by WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids:


Global warming could worsen Great Lakes problems
“A new report says climate change could worsen a litany of problems plaguing the Great Lakes, from low water levels to depleted fish populations. The report was released Wednesday by the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition, which represents more than 100 advocacy groups.”


Typical lazy, uncritical reprinting of a press release pumped out by some self-interested enviro-whacko group who profits by generating panic and spreading disinformation. Yawn.


Except, for some reason I snapped; maybe I’d just seen too many similar phony “news” stories that day. Poor Muskegon Pundit – next thing he knows he’s got a wild-eyed McHugh posting the following rant as a comment ;-) :


Yes, global warming could worsen our “lakes problems,” and so could global cooling, and so could everything staying just-goldilocks-right worsen them. Blah blah blah.


Is anyone else as sick as I am of these non-stop hyperventilating, uncritical, wide-eyed “we’re all gonna die” phony news stories? Remember that David Mamet mugged-by-reality “epiphany” piece in Village Voice a couple months ago, where he described how was surprised to discover that he had become a “conservative?” Remember how he described the moment when he knew? He was listening to NPR drone on about how evil America was doing this bad thing and that bad thing and the world was getting worse and worse and all of a sudden without thinking he blurted out, “Shut the f*** up!”



To all the bad, lazy, exploitative alarmist reporters and headline writers: Shut the f*** up!


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